Bedroom Furniture

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  • Corona Trio Set
    The Corona Grey collection is renowned for it's framed drawer moldings and metal hardware details to give this collection it's timeless and modern look. The classic Corona antique wax finish is applied to cabinet tops which provides the collection with it's subtle colour and natural grained texture...
    Ex Tax: £238.33 £285.99
  • Cotswold Four Draw Chest
    Add some classic storage to your bedroom with this elegant four draw chest. Crafted from pine wood, the country waxed furniture is sure to enhance your home in style. The draws feature chunky tops, simple and elegantly crafted mouldings and wooden turned handles, all finished with a mellow antique w..
    Ex Tax: £116.66 £139.99
  • Cotswold Four Piece Set
    Exclusive to Boyd's of Worcester, this four piece set comes from the highly popular Cotswold collection. Country waxed to perfect it's natural look the collection is designed to feature chunky tops, simple mouldings and wooden turned handles with a mellow antique wax.  The set consists of 2x..
    Ex Tax: £414.97 £497.96
  • Cotswold Trio Set
    The Cotswold collection is renowned for it's chunky feature tops and wooden turned handles to give this collection it's timeless and modern look. An antique wax finish is applied to cabinet tops to accentuate the natural grain texture.  Made from real and sustainable South Ame..
    Ex Tax: £216.66 £259.99
  • Cotswold Two Door Wardrobe
    A must have in any bedroom is a spacious and stylish wardrobe. The Cotsowld four door wardrobe is the perfect piece to enhance your home. Country waxed, the wardrobe features chunky tops, wooden turned handles all finished with an easy to clean mellow antique wax finish. The wardrobe comes with a..
    Ex Tax: £204.99 £245.99
  • Cotswold Two Drawer Petite Bedside Cabinet
    Frame your bedroom with this petite 2 drawer bedside cabinet. Featuring chunky tops and wooden turned handles the cabinet is finished with a mellow antique wax to give it a classic and timeless look. Each cabinet is country waxed and is designed to enhance your home with a splash of elegance and&nbs..
    Ex Tax: £49.99 £59.99
  • Mobile Wardrobe Dryer
    Made from stainless steel rails, ABS plastic components and polyester cover with ventilation holes. Fitted with 4 castors, 2 of which are locking, allowing you to move the wardrobe around. Unquire PTC heating element provides high thermal effceincy and an air flow producing tempertaures betwe..
    Ex Tax: £49.99 £59.99